Anti Bullying 


As a school we work hard to ensure that children are free from bullying and involve the parents and children in this process. We do this via the Parent Forum and also with the school council.


Bullying may take a range of forms and can include physical or emotional harm as well as taking place in school and outside of school, possibly using modern technology. In order to help the children to understand the complexities of bullying the school council has developed a definition of bullying:


“Bullying is when a person hurts you or hurts your feelings repeatedly. They might take your things or threaten you. It can happen in school, when you are out playing and also when you are online.”


This definition is used to ensure children understand what bullying is and is the start of work and conversations about how bullying can be prevented.


We speak to all classes about knowing who they can approach so that they can share their worries and know that any difficulties will be dealt with by the school.


If you have any concerns over potential bullying, then please speak to your child’s class teacher or directly to Mr Smith. 


Click here to see the Anti Bullying Policy