Play Leaders

group of children playing in playground



Play Leaders


As part of our on-going commitment to providing children with learning activities through play, we have established a system of play leaders throughout our playground and fields at lunch times. The volunteers from year 6 provide opportunities for other children to play with specialist equipment, teaching them skill sets and team work through play.


Play leaders are a very important part of our lunch times as they help to supervise our “activity zones”, assist the lunch time staff, and encourage the younger children to be active in play and games.


The younger children not only enjoy the toe with the platy leaders they also learn new skills like sharing and taking turns.


Play leaders help to set up games and support the younger ones by showing them how to play the games properly.

Being a play leader


Being a play leader has been such an outstanding opportunity for me and I adore spending my lunchtime with younger children as it allows me to work with them. I have been able to blend into their games which has brought back wonderful memories of when I was in Reception. We also, take the children back into the class rooms and help the fabulous dinner ladies set up the volleyball and tag games. We have also helped out with games on the playground and the tyres. I hope that the year 5 students who have shadowed me will continue to respect the children as much as I have.


By Jack Wright