Extra Curricular

children playing violins

At Brinkley Grove Primary School we strive to provide a varied and comprehensive range of extra curricular activities to support our children in developing an aspirational attitude for themselves and in developing as independent, confident and creative young thinkers.

A vast variety of after school activites are facilitated through the Extra Curricular Co-ordinator. These clubs are an extention of learning as well as an opportunity for children to have fun and to socialise with their class friends as well as children from other classes.
These change each half term and are run by staff and outside agencies. We are also fortunate to be able to use qualified coaches for some of our sports clubs.Many of these clubs are accredited by the Children’s University to ensure that these further contributions to a child’s development are recognised and praised.

children playing musical instruments
When new clubs start up, a letter is sent home to the relevant classes, with full details.  The form should be completed and returned to Extra Curricular Co-ordinator (Mrs Wadling). Sometimes we have to restrict numbers and will usually do this on a first come, first served basis or by year group if that is more appropriate.


 Each year group is encouraged to participate in trips which link meaningfully to the topics and which will enrich the school’s curriculum and the pupils’ experiences, e.g. Harry Potter Experience; Framlingham Castle.

Year 6 participate in a residential trip in the Autumn Term which helps them to develop skills of independence, confidence, self reliance and how to work effectively within a team. Year 6 also travel to London to watch a Musical show in the Summer Term to support their end of year performance.

Further Extra Curricular Activities encourage our children to have an aspirational attitude towards life long learning eg. Antony Horowitz live on stage; trips to museums; etc