Governors’ Meetings

The main governing body meets at least once every term as do most of the working committees. The main committees are:-

  • Finance – this committee ensures that the budget is set in line with the requirements of the school improvement plan and it monitors spending throughout the year. It also checks that resources are purchased with best value in mind.
  • Pay and Personnel – deals with staffing levels; checking that enough high calibre staff are employed. It also has oversight of pay awards and progression for all staff.
  • Standards /Curriculum & Pupil Wellbeing– this committee covers issues related to the content of the curriculum and how it is delivered; how pupils are assessed and the standards that are achieved.
  • Premises, Health & Safety Committee – oversees the maintenance and building programme and is proactive in ensuring health & safety is a priority.
  • There are several other committees which meet as required.


Governors Attendance 2014 - 2015

Governors Attendance 2015 - 2016