Community & Family Enrichment

In my role as Community and Family Enrichment Officer I aim to improve the school's relationship with the families and the community to help support the children with their development.

I am continuously working to develop opportunities to enrich the school's role within the local community. I organise regular events for the children of Brinkley Grove Primary School often including their close and extended family, some of the events I have organised for children and families are:

  • Christmas Arts and Crafts; parents and children come together and get creative at Christmas time
  • Movie Makers; the children design, make and film their own movies, at the end of the event the parents come and have a movie afternoon with popcorn to enjoy their child’s movie.
  • Brinkley Bike Brunch; this has been the most successful event I have been fortunate enough to lead. The school children and all their families were invited to join us on a bike ride to the local park to have a picnic and play team games.

Maddi Brazier


Reception Stay & Play  - May 2016

Over the Past few weeks I have begun some ‘stay & play’ sessions with some of the reception children and their parents.

All parents that attended agreed that they enjoyed spending one full hour with their child on a one to one basis, seeing what they like to play with.

One parent commented that they would prefer the ‘stay & play’ sessions to be held in their child’s classroom, however this would not be possible as there is only 3-6 children in each group & 54 other children to consider.

If you are a reception parent & haven’t already shown an interest in the stay & play sessions please contact either myself or Mrs Emms in the school office.

Christmas Card Making - December 2015

On Tuesday 8th December 2015, I coordinated a Christmas card making session with selected children and their parents.  The session was enjoyed by all that attended but most of all everyone enjoyed the mince pies!!

  ‘I had lots of fun. It really got me into the Christmas spirit and let me be creative which is always nice.  I really do appreciate the kind gesture of being invited into the school to spend some quality time with my child.’

   ‘I had a lovely time, my daughters face lit up when I walked in; it was a nice way to spend some time with my child outside of home life.’

 ‘It was lovely to be able to take time out from our busy day to day life to do this with our children.’

  ‘It was great not to have the mess at my house!!’



Step by Step Parenting Group


Over the past 8 weeks we have run a Step by Step Parenting Group in school. The group has been run by Amanda Rowe, our Family Support Worker, and myself.

The parents that attended the group learned valuable strategies and techniques to support them with dealing with challenging behaviour at home. They learned about effective praise which takes the form of play, reward and consequences.

Some parents commented at the end of the course saying:

'Its a brilliant course, I would recommend it to other parents even if they don't feel they need to do it'

'Meeting other parents, exchanging ideas and sharing ideas'

'All strategies I was given and have tried have worked - loved it!'

17th June 2015

children and their families on bikes

group of children posing in field

Parents playing rounders

Children playing rugby

Parents picnic




Farm to Fork

As you may know we have a super relationship with our local Tesco Store and through their Farm to Fork Initiative we were able to send our year 6 gardening group to "Stourgarden Ltd" onion farm out at Boxted. It was a memorable experience, seeing the huge warehouses containing hundreds of tonnes of onions as well as sitting in the cab of tractors worth a million pounds. As a follow up staff from the onion farm will be coming to school to help the garden group plant their own onions and give us advice on how to grow them. 


We would also like to thank Tesco for the kind donation to the school of a shed, which we have put to good use in the quad where Sun and Moon classes keep the equipment.