All applications for admission to the school are organised by the local authority who can be contacted at 01245 436727. You can find a link to the schools admission policy below. 


All classes at Brinkley Grove have a published admissions number of 30 and we have two classes in every year group. If you would like your child to transfer from another school during the school year then please contact Debbie at She is also the school's point of contact for enquiries around waiting lists for pupils where a year group is up to its published admissions number. 


Read the Brinkley Grove Admissions Policy 2016 - 2017


Admissions Policy 2017 - 2018






As a school we take attendance very seriously and working alongside Attendance Solutions Essex, we monitor attendance across the school. If a pupil's attendance is falling we will invite you to attend a School Attendance meeting in order to put some actions in place to improve your child's attendance at school. Please note that a child is considered to be consistently absent from school if there attendance falls below 90%.


Please follow the link to find useful information for child illness.

Leave of Absence

There is no right to remove a child from school in order to take a family holiday, but if you do need to request an absence please speak to the office who can advise you of the process involved. Should your child's absence be unauthorised and they do not attend school, it may be that a Penalty Notice will be issued. These Penalty Notices are administered by Attendance Solutions Essex for and on behalf of the school. Please note that if you wish to appeal a decision to not authorise your child's absence, an appeal must be made to the school prior to the absence. 


If you have any queries at all, please contact the headteacher or the school office.