Home School Partnership Agreement

      Home School Partnership Statement


We believe that how we work together can have a profound impact on the success of children as they journey through the school. Please support us to help make sure every child in our school is:


  • caring
  • empathetic
  • safe
  • resilient
  • challenged


  • curious
  • respectful
  • independent


 We ask that you take time to read through what we all need to do to help every child.  We hope very much that you will then sign the enclosed slip and return it to the office.

 We have three core ways to help the children grow and we ask you to support each of them.


  1. We approach our learning with energy, commitment, an open mind and a desire to be our best.


  1. We place community at the heart of our family; valuing and celebrating our diversity and supporting our children to become lifelong contributors to society.


  1. We create an environment of curiosity and creativity, where every experience is an opportunity.



Download the Home School Partnership Agreement